Our Home Loan Consultation

Buying a home of your dreams is not a dream anymore with Synergy Infracon Home Loan facility. Now finance is not an issue for buying properties as different kinds of loans make it easy to own your own land. All around the world, people prefer to finance the puchase of their property by taking loans due to its easy pay back methods. Synergy Infracon will facilitate you in getting your loans quickly approved at most affordable interest rates and customised instalments plans.

The qualified and trained staff of Synergy Infracon can help you in getting your loans faster than others. We have association with banks and financers of good repute and our staff will arrange for you all the documentation required for getting the loan approved in no time. Further, the process will be faster as we, as a company, recommend you to banks for loan sanctions.

Using our home loan services you will be entitled to the following benefits:

• Get your dream home/property without any hassle
• The application procedure is kept extremely simple for your ease
• Facilitation to matters related to loans; early approvals can lead to quick purchase of your home
• Loans can also be arranged for house extension
• We also offer the loan transfer option in which case the loan of your existing house can be converted for purchase of another new house with some additional charges
• We also offer loans for financing house building (construction) on an already bought land as well
Getting loans for house building or purchase has two fold benefits for you. One, it takes away the tension and pressure off you for arranging such a huge amount; Secondly it also gives you some benefits from tax point of view. In accordance with the Income Tax Act 1961, you can enjoy some deduction of tax not only on the amount of loan but also on interest.

We at Synergy Infracon makes sure that each client gets the lender which suits the client’s requirements. All lenders on our list are very reputable and understand the client’s needs very well. They make customized payment schedules affordable for ech customer. Your payment plan can even extend to 15-20 years and you just have to pay monthly installments along with the amount if interest.

So if you find the home of your dreams, don’t let this opportunity slip out of your hand just because of finances, avail our home loan services and move into your dream house easily.