Factors to be considered before purchasing the property

Do you think this is the right time to invest in residential property? Are you ready to make the big decision? “Synergy Infracon” offers precious advice to make the right decision at the right time and turn your dreams into reality.

The time between thinking about buying a home and making the final decision is a very emotional period that requires decision making in various aspects. The services of a real estate dealer can best be utilized if the buyer has done some preliminary research of the market on their own. This homework on part of the buyer includes deciding whether you are ready to make the important decision. This readiness includes emotional, psychological and financial readiness. But of all these, the most important is the financial status. The buyer needs to evaluate whether his monitory situation is stable enough to make the important investment. Even if you are planning to get a home loan, you need to have a bank account statement for at least the past six months to convince the lending authority. If the past six months have not been as remarkable as you want to show the bank, it is better to rent out a home and improve your financial status for some more time. However, if your statement is in a state that you consider shining, you can easily get the home loan processed by convincing the lending authority.

Some basic factors to be considered for making an informed decision about your important investment

  1. Annual income from all sources.
  2. Monthly commitment like bills, children education fee, etc
  3. Amount for down payment
  4. Deciding what property fits your requirement

Every client has a dream house in mind when they contact the real-estate agent. The secret lies in the skills of the agent to find you the best residence that fits your requirements and that can make you fall in love with itself. Thus, it is extremely important to choose the dealer very carefully. Investors Clinic can be an ideal choice for your home investment assistance.

You may want to know where to start when making a home investment decision. One way could to make a wish list of all the factors you want in your new house. List them in the sequence of priority.

  • Number of bedrooms
  • Type of neighborhood
  • Locality
  • Close to office or school
  • No major repairs needed
  • Close to main markets
  • Daylight abundant
  • Good resale value
  • Reasonable property taxes
  • A little distance from commercial area
  • Proximity to public transport facility
  • Proper parking slot

These factors are very helpful in conveying your requirements to the real estate agent as he will shortlist the available properties on the basis of your needs.


The question of affordability can only be answered by the buyer himself and this requires him to be extremely honest with himself. One needs to evaluate the available assets to decide what amount can be paid as down payment for the property and what amount should serve as the EMI. Down payments are generally taken as percentage of the property value.

What’s the worth of the property?

Investor Clinic offers consultancy from selection to possession level. To make the best decision in your situation, it is beneficial to get the services of a loan officer. In order to evaluate your own level of affordability, it is advised to get prequalification for obtaining loan. You can avail the services of a local lender for the purpose.

Investor Clinic also offers the services to help you calculate your financial standing to make an informed decision. Dealers suggest that EMIs must be between 25% – 33% of your gross income. To make the necessary calculations, take your monthly income from all sources (without deducting taxes) and divide this amount by four. Now subtract the amount you pay in debt every month. The resulting amount is the lower limit of the monthly installment that you can afford to pay along with maintaining a reasonable lifestyle. For first-time buyers, it is important to know that what you see as a dream house may not be one but more than one houses that you may buy in the future. So, it is not compulsory for you to send all your savings for the first home. Saving off some of the amount for future investment may turn out as a wise decision.

After crossing these self evaluation levels, you are now open to visit the market. Visit as many available houses as possible. Do not restrict yourself as visiting variant neighborhood may help you recognize your needs in a better way. Investor Clinic will be at your service throughout your decision making as we feel pleasure in making our clients satisfied with their choice.

When you have made up your mind about making real estate investment in India, focusing for certain areas can guide you in making the most out of your investment. We can offer some tips to help your investment secure and prosperous in India.

Some of the major factors are:

Sound surrounding

In making any kind of investment in real estate, careful selection of surrounding is an important factor. It includes location, neighborhood, and environmental reputation like pollution issues etc.

Primary Facilities

Availability of basic facilities like electricity, water, gas, and transport are utmost essential as they not only add to the property value but also determine the ease of life of the residents.

 Past Record of the Property

It is important to check the history of the property from the local authority. Buying a property that has an disputed history will not only devalue the property but also cause trouble for the buyer. Always prefer to buy property that is not associated with any such issues.

Market Rise and Fall

Buying properties in areas where market fluctuation is common is not advisable. Either wait for the price to stabilize or buy a property at another location.

Future of the Investment

Investments must never be made without evaluating their long term value. Always look for gains that benefit for a longer period. This needs the buyer to look the bigger picture for long term benefits.