Help on Legal Aspects of Property

In the world of real estate, the services of Synergy Infracon are not only restricted to helping you in the buying and selling of the property; in fact, with the help of a number of experts associated with our company we can provide you guidance and assistance with reference to legal and all other aspects of a real estate deal. Analysis of the Legal Aspects of Project: The Legal department of the company makes sure that any property, we are dealing with, has no issues pertaining to its legal status at any stage of its construction.

We ensure that the acquisition of land for this property fulfils all the legal requirements. Then the development of this project is in accordance with the rules and regulations of the authorities governing these issues such as water, gas, electricity, sewage boards. Also we ensure that the layout of the project or property follows the approved draft or if any changes are made to it afterwards, then the changes are notified and approved by the authority. We value our clients and therefore offer only those projects and properties which are abiding by all the laws pertaining to it.

Complete Legal Support: Synergy Infracon is always available for the assistance and support of its clients in legal matters of any deal through its trained staff. We also have contacts with legal consultants who are available for any advice and suggestion needed by our staff for facilitating your deal. When you deal through Synergy Infracon, a personal relationship manager will be assigned to you who conduct all the tasks associated with the deal. This manager will be responsible for all the related legal proceedings e.g signing of the sale deed, negotiating with the buyer/seller and or their lawyers and interpreting any legal documentation. If you are looking for some loans from banks to complete the deal, our manager will also provide you with the support and guidance required for obtaining loans. In short, all the documentation required for completion of sale/purchase transaction (including the legal agreements, sale/purchase deeds, and documents required for possession and registration of the property) will be facilitated by our trained and dedicated staff.

Following is a list of documents which you will need in order to proceed with your transaction smoothly:- 1. List of required legal approvals • Before buying any property ensure the availability of following documents: • Property is in the name of developer • Approved and permitted layout of project is available • A certificate of commencement is issued and provided to you • All the authorities such as electricity, water and sewage have issued a clearance certificate • Duly stamped and registered agreements and sale deeds are with you • To ensure genuineness of the developer, check the bank loans documents 2. Your personal documents • Proof of your identity (ID card, passport, ration card) • Details of your bank account • Taxation number 3. Content of agreement between buyer and seller • Complete address of property (building name, floor and flat number) • Clear info about property layout, covered area and carpet area, facilities provided and other specifications • Method of payment and no additional/hidden charges • Possession date • Penalties • Resale of property before the completion of allotment process