Vaastu Tips for home

Vaastu for Home

Vaastu is a set of beliefs that aid the home owners to have a prosperous life in their new residence. The principles of Vaastu are based on architectural and interior designing of the house, also concerning the directional arrangements. Vaastu guiding principles can be considered during the construction phase of the house, workplace, temple or any other building to bring positivity and general well-being for the owner of the home/building. In this regards, a few pointers to be kept in mind while searching for a residence are as follows.

General Tips:

  • The main door or entrance of the home must be facing east as it is considered a fortunate direction. The area surrounding the main door must be nicely decorated and neatly kept.
  • The north of the home must never be blocked as north is a sign of success.
  • If the home has a slope of any kind, its direction must either be south to north Or from west to east.
  • Door hinges of the whole house must be smooth and must not produce any sound on movement.
  • For all plant lovers, cactus must never be grown inside the home.
  • Paintings or pictures depicting sadness or brutality must be avoided.


  • The master bed must never be in the north of the house. It must be in the south-west direction
  • The bed must never be placed below a beam
  • The bed direction must be so arranged that head is towards south
  • The area around the head side of the bed must be clutter-free.

Kid’s Room:

  • Kid’s bedroom must be on the northwest direction of the house
  • Colour scheming must be subtle but cheerful
  • Furniture must not be sticked to walls as it stops the flow of positive energy
  • The study table must be so placed that the child faces east, north or northeast while studying. Computer must be placed in the south west direction


  • The living room must be in the north of the house
  • Air-conditioner must not be placed in southeast wall. Preferably it should be on the western wall
  • The dining table must have even number of chairs
  • The furniture is best suited to be placed in south and west corners


  • Ideal location for kitchen is either southeast or northwest corner of the house
  • The kitchen must have a proper system for cross-ventilation
  • The stove must be so placed that cooking is done facing east or north direction
  • To place the refrigerator, the preferable directions are south, west, southeast and northwest of the kitchen
  • Other electronic kitchen appliances like microwave, toaster, juicer, mixer must be kept in the southeastern side of the kitchen


  • Bathrooms must be in the northwest of the house
  • The bathrooms must have ventilation and source of natural lighting
  • Sanitary and bath fittings must be taken care of. If any of them breaks, they must be immediately repaired
  • The bath and toilet areas must be kept clean.