Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The clauses under the privacy policy are conditional to the Site Policy (User Agreement) of the website.

  1. The information provided to us by the user will never be revealed to a third by unless consent is given by the user to use the information. However, general information may be disclosed to external parties.
  2. The company will take every possible measure to keep the user’s information secure. The information will be made public on our website only after the consent of the user has been received.
  3. The subscriber is solely responsible for keeping the log in details like identification and passwords private and will also be responsible for any online/offline transaction made via credit cards / debit cards or any such instrument or document. Synergy Infracon will not be accountable for any improper activity concerning the use of credit cards / debit cards (online/offline) made by the user’s account.
  4. The user always has the choice of not submitting details that are not marked as (*) mandatory.

To customize your experience with our website, we may ask you for some personal details. You may also be asked to fill out a registration form that involves preferences about the kind of property you are seeking. This information is collected in order to refine the result for you and deliver details of the most relevant property.

In order to enhance the customized experience, IP address of the subscriber may be tracked and information may be collected that will be saved on your system in the form of cookies. The user always has the option of allowing or disallowing the cookies by adjusting the settings of your default browser.

A user subscribing to the site will not be asked to furnish his/her details every time, only the first time information is necessary for registration. You agree that the information you provide will be used by Synergy Infracon for marketing and promotion. Your information will be used to improve the website content quality, data usage, website traffic and product range and thus, it will help us in customizing the experience for you in terms of content, layout and services. This will further improve your experience with us and make our interaction smooth and efficient.

You also agree that the personal information provided by you may be used by Synergy Infracon to contact you and convey information of your interest. This may includes details about targeted banner advertisement, administrative notices, new product offerings, forum reviews and comments, updates relevant to your portfolio and information related to your use of our website. By agreeing to our policy, you allow receiving this information. However, if you wish not to receive any of these details, you can always adjust your profile accordingly. Preferences for updates can be altered at any time as we believe that privacy can be best ensured by working in close line with the laws.

All websites of Synergy Infracon (including the one currently browsed) completely conform with the applicable laws of the Indian government. We have always cooperated with law enforcement authorities and thus, all or part of your personal information may be disclosed to the law enforcement agency, if required, particularly in a case of bonafide requirement where a breach of law has to be prevented.

Synergy Infracon has ensured to make maximum effort to check user credentials and confirm that the information provided is correct. However, the user is advised to independently verify the credibility of any advertiser of the website. Synergy Infracon shall not be responsible for any misinformation. For more details in this aspect, visit to our User agreement is suggested.

Synergy Infracon work on the principles of Display Advertising. To advertise our products online, Synergy Infracon uses Remarketing strategy with Google Analytics. If you wish to opt out of Google Analytics for Display Advetising, you can do so by using Ads Preferences Manager and customize your experience with Synergy Infracon websites. All third party vendors (Google included) display our ads on their websites to increase global audience across the internet. Synergy Infracon and the third party vendors make use of the first party cookies such as the Google Analytics cookies and third-party cookies such as the DoubleClick cookie to deliver information and show ads based on the previous visit of the user to our website. The user always has the option to choose or decline these cookies.


This Disclaimer is concerned with all the information under the domain. This includes all the hyperlinks as well. By proceeding forward, you agree that you have read, understood and accepted the same. Unless clearly mentioned, the display of any content including brands, logos, marks or names regarding any project owned, designed, developed or promoted by any third party is not to be understood as associated with Synergy Infracon. Display of any third party content is not be interpreted as endorsement of that party or project. Third party content may be provided for the purpose of information, understanding or reference. Synergy Infracon is an independent organization and any third party content displayed on the website must not be taken as affiliation to the third party.