CHD Eway Towers

CHD Eway Towers

CHD Eway Towers is a superb Commercial project in Sector 109 Gurgaon which inspires nearby residents daily. It is such a project which not only gives excellent spaces to high street reatil but it also allows people to buy & setup commercial offices. Eway Towers is going to be one of the top fifty destinations of the world to shop.

What you can expect in Eway Towers

You already know that Eway Towers are spread in an area of 20 acres. It is one of the 1st of 50 smart commercial projects in Gurgaon & approved & started by the Government. This project comes with all the perks and privileges. Users will experience structured environment with beautiful clean neighborhoods, about 60 percent open spaces, great quality & big brands shops, eating junctions, movie theaters with great lifestyle facilities, excellent connectivity, a security system of 3 tiers, and great technological infrastructure. The project would be managed by professional agencies which will be a private body and they work to make sure that you don’t have to worry about the maintenance of the buildings or the neighborhood. They also take care of the amazing facilities provided in Eway Towers. These amazing facilities include grand club house, beautiful supermarkets, excellent central sitting area, gymnasiums and a wonderful food court at top floor. This spreads on a vast area of 20 acres. CHD Eway Towers provides stylish luxurious common areas & spaces that have stunning internal as well as external amenities. The spaces in Eway Towers come with your own spaces for working, playing & unwinding. The previous experience and track record of CHD in designing the amazing modern homes and in planning the wonderful neighborhoods gives a glimpse of what you can expect at CHD Eway Towers. This year you should make some wise investments and CHD Eway Towers presents great opportunity to purchase some of the best real estate at the latest and the most desirable locality in Gurgaon.

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